Cell Salvage

A cell saver is an instrument that collects a patient’s own blood during surgery washes this blood and then reinfuses this to the patient, providing them with a safe product for reinfusion. MPP can provide instruments, disposables and highly trained staff to operate in the following disciplines: vascular, orthopaedics, trauma, maternity, obstetrics, urology and more. Please see contact for more information.

Cell savers are key equipment in reducing demand on donor blood products. They are recommended when a patient is having a surgical procedure and significant blood loss is expected, (roughly 20% /1 litre or more). All cell savers have the same basic components: a table line, bowl set, reservoir, and waste bag. Blood is collected in the reservoir and mixed with an anticoagulant. Once enough is collected the blood is packed and washed. This process removes all waste products and leaves red blood cells suspended in saline as a final product for infusion. The main advantages of cell salvage are listed below. For more information about cell salvage, the cell salvage course we offer or to book a cell saver at your hospital please contact one of the team.

The advantages of ICS are listed below:

  • An important component of the NHS Patient Blood Management Programme

  • Eliminates risks associated with donor blood

  • Better clinical outcomes when compared to donor blood.

  • Compared to the cost of donor blood, cell salvage offers significant direct and indirect cost savings to Trusts

  • Used extensively in the following disciplines: vascular, orthopaedics, trauma, maternity, obstetrics, and urology
  • Recommended by NICE and Association of Anaesthetists

  • No Transfusion reactions

  • Acceptable to many Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • Quicker recovery time for patient = freeing up beds

  • No disease transmission risk

  • Available blood ready for patient

  • Safer when there are multiple alloantibodies

  • Post-operative infections reduced as there is no immunosuppression

Cell Salvage Service

In addition to the perfusion services we also offer Intraoperative Cell Salvage (lCS). ICS was introduced during the 1980s at the Central Manchester Foundation Trust (CMFT). Cell salvage was originally offered during cardiac operations to provide a patient with autologous blood and minimise blood loss during cardiac surgery. The service was so much of a success that today every cardiac operation at CMFT is accompanied by ICS. The demand for ICS within other specialities has increased to such a level over the last ten years it led to the formation of Haemoclaim Management Service. Haemoclaims’ service have been expanded within CFMT to include a multitude of different disciplines; Obstetrics, Trauma, Orthopaedics and Vascular to name a few. We offer a full 24 hour, 365 days a year on call service with on call and standby staff across CMFT including St Marys and a booking-based service for standby to many other trusts and private hospitals across the Northwest.
In addition to the ICS service we supply, we have developed a comprehensive, bespoke Cell Salvage Training Course, which is the only recognised course in the UK add is accredited by The College of Perfusion Scientists of Great Britain and Ireland. This provides candidates with the necessary tools to deliver the highest standards of ICS practice. Haemoclaim also provide support and training for hospitals wishing to establish their own cell salvage service and can assist with all aspects of this.